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Hi ! I am Myriam au citron. 

"Myriam with lemon" is my recipe that finds its balance between France and Morocco: my two countries.

During My childhood in France, where I borned in 1994, it was through cooking that I discovered this second country, but also my holidays travels in Morocco which fueled my imagination.

I am deeply attached to northern Morocco,  from Tangier to Chefchaouen, where part of family is from and where I live since 2016.

My illustrations are my vision of Morocco, the one I am proud of, composed of childhood memories, endearing characters, interiors, craftsmen, limed houses, kitchens, landscapes ranging from the mountains to the Mediterranean Sea. 

 To my Morocco that I love, The one I want to share.

Back From the souk 14,2 x 18,9 in.jpg
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